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We are Onix Audio & make great British HiFi

That why so many try to imitate us.. But Fail

Albert Einstein 1879  - 1955

We are people that listen. We are NOT a faceless corporation

First to use the name ONIX - "EVER " Worldwide

ONIX GB (The same company as Onix Audio from 1984 with the classic OA21, OA21S, OA22, OA24 & BWD1 and now the OA21 Icon ) 


We are an independant and privately owned British company, designing, manufacturing and creating specialist Exclusive ONIX British HIFI and  ONIX Audio equipment under our internationaly registered trademarks: ONIX, ONIXDNA, DNA, TENTEN and of course ONIX AUDIO, OA21s & many others

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Why is ONIX HIFI actually different ?

We believe that putting more money into what you buy creates better value - we spend less money and time on promotion and marketing hype ,  and more of your money on making the product, leading to a better product that lasts and retains its value for many years , for you and your family . We still support everything we have ever made . We will do this as long as we can, we like the planet and so should you. We Still service our very first Amps from 1984



The higher the cost of Advertising and promotion to get you to notice us , the less value in what you actually buy .

YOU PAY for advertising & promotion when you buy anything.  Who did you think pays ?

What Does ONIX HiFi Do ?

We use people that understand what we want to make, and continually supply us so that we can make it. 


In turn we build great products that will outlive and outperform most others. We design it, we build it, and we love doing it. This is so that you can enjoy for longer, in every sense of the word, each unit that we make. We listen to every unit, & we know that when it leaves us, we are proud of every serial number attached to it. Its you new unit but it still our baby.

What we believe, that matters.

Who is ONIX GB ?

We are an exclusive company situated in England. We started 35 years ago as ONIX AUDIO in Brighton (the south coast of England 50 miles from London) and we only make a certain number of units, knowing quantity never mixes with quality. NEVER.


In 30,000 years we will make the same number of units that Apple makes in just three months. 


The fact is not everyone can get what we make. We are exclusive , and we know we cant buy you.

Our audio sells itself

The down side for other companies:

Who are You our Customer  ? - What do you do  ?

You Understand and know why we are here, you know what we actually do for you, and in particular what we do for your ears -  but more than that WHY we do it... You are our Customer