Adam Worsfold

 The Designer, CEO & Driver with pure Passion ... for ONIX AUDIO

There has to be a driver and a vision of what the journey is, they must believe the road driven will take the company and its people to the place it needs to be. A CEO must lead in safety, in the best possible way. They must deliver results for everyone - the customers, the staff, and the company.

A CEO must be human,strong and able to walk alone, it is not an easy job .


Adam W -  at work , listening to music,  perfecting  ONIX HIFI while most others sleep

{ just some quotes Adam loves and uses }

" If you dont know where you've been , you dont know where your going "

" If you do not have direction - you will end up nowhere "

" Money is a tool - Not a solution - it solves nothing "

Who is this Adam Worsfold ?

Adam Worsfold  - founder of ONIX AUDIO in 1984  & Majority share holder of the ONIX GROUP

He remains our principal designer. Adam is known to be a perfectionist & while Tony Brady, also an electronic audio designer, was working along side him at Thorn EMI the actual creators of Stereophonic sound, Adam continually perfected audio reproduction from his early school days.

Adam was born in London,England & he loves music and HIFI. He loves interesting people and places. He does not condone closed minded individuals. Anything that has spirit/character or beauty is admired by him, and he loves strong ideals, no matter what those ideals are. He respects opinions, even if he does not agree with them. He voices his too.

Adam is out spoken and refuses to do anything he does not agree with.

He runs Onix by choice,because he loves what it stands for - He is loved, and equally hated for these ideals by a select few.

What has he done ?

Driving Force:

  • Adam put , ONIX and  ONIX AUDIO on the worldwide map, after serving and apprenticeship in England with Thorn EMI

  • He was only 21 years old when he Started & owned ONIX AUDIO & ONIX HIFI, now he owns several companies .

  • ONIX AUDIO is still designed and made in the UK, because Adam is proud to be English he is proud to make it in the UK.

  • He sold ONIX Electronics Limited in July 1991, but NOT the BRAND ONIX, resolved later by agreement.

  • After a drawn out legal battle ONIX AUDIO was saved from illegal use by Adam stopping the use of the brand.

  • In 2010 Adam Worsfold took ONIX home to its birth place , ONIX GB in England took the lead once again. 

  • Everything made by the only original ONIX is still designed and made in the UK.

  • The brand ONIX  was registered by Adam Worsfold  in 1988 and to this day, he personally still owns it.

  • Onix has been used on other products , but NEVER has it been used with his/our consent.

  • Adam is sure unless it's made by ONIX DNA , ONIX AUDIO, or ONIX GB  it's not a authentic ONIX product.

  • Adam lives music and reproduction of it, and he has done so since he was just 4 yrs old, when he got his first record player.

  • Music is in his DNA, Onix is all about music and quality products, with great designs to achieve it

What is his style ?

  • Adam drives the company with ideals most struggle to comprehend, or understand why they are ideals, his ideals create great products.

  • He despises anyone that follows the herd and has no mind of their own no matter why. Sheeple have no place in his life

  • He has been said to be relentless  most people cant keep up with his pace .

  • He hates E Mail culture, and thinks the time required to answer E mails is so wasteful compared to our given ability to talk things through .

  • He knows a company will only grow if it makes money. He does not hide this basic need to grow and flourish.

  • He knows Money is fuel for a company , fuel that helps it grow. Nothing in life is free NOTHING. He will not tolerate those that think it is.

  • He knows we will all suffer as a result of this fatal mindset when we learn nothing is free.

  • The people building a company should be proud to be part of a team creating products, designed to do what they are made to do.

  • Products must be worth the money they cost, and last as long as the customer wants. He still supports 35 year old product made by us.

  • He believes value is the corner stone of ONIX AUDIO , ONIX DNA, ONIX HIFI, and ONIX GB

  • All companies are built by people, everyone must enjoy each day at work. Exploitation of Labour is a crime . Health is vital to all.

  • Adam knows customers feel the culture of a company in its products and all areas of business.

  • Adam will never bow to demands for money or to threats - NEVER, he will always stand his ground.

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