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Every great design

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We take every single part to pieces , we try to make each part fail, by testing beyond spec.
We only use parts that do not fail OUR tests , and then we listen to every single part

Mains Switch

Mains PowerTransformer

Reality: Several sources of  copper supplied to us. We paid to analyse the  purity of the copper, it was supplied as 99.9% pure. Only ONE supplier out of 6 met spec. This supplier is based in Sweden.


The core: The  transformer core is made of soft  iron. The design of  the core and its ability to create perfromance with soft iron we can only source it in England. 


Our transformers are manufactured by the same people that have made every transformer in every ONIXc since day 1.. Ask yourself why

The ONIX ECU 10100

Power Supply

The ONIX 10100 ECU

You have problem , you can find a part of the shelf some just  " Work ok " but it must be perfect ..Not " OK ".

The ONIX 10100 Chip, we made it because "OK" is not the ONIX way

Volume Potentiometer


Heat Distribution

Onix Smoothing Capacitors

Heat Control

( Fanless/noiseless / Unparalleled Efficiency  )

Power Supply Capacitors

Designed by Adam Worsfold - we use a patented bespoke and uniquely processed  heat sink,any heat created by the output stage is moved throughout the entire case efectivly a single heatsink with a dissipation rate of over 95% of the heat generated - creating an unprecedented reference in  heat dissipation and thermal stability. Onix never did get hot, now you know why  .

 We use 8 x 4700uF  capacitors. This achieves incredible stability of power from the transformer creating a noiselss signal, meaning  distortion of sound is undetectable


Sound Path

Carbon Tracks Close Up

This is the volume  control that we use in the DNA-50. See these images for more information on how carefully we choose the components that we use in our products.

The two wipers on the left have far more tracks than the two on the right. Also the tracks are much thicker on the left , this is what makes ONIX products different to most others. We check everything .

6amp Power Switch

6 amp Power switch.

We sourced 20 panel mount switches. All rated at 6A 18 failed at less than 6A some at 1.5 Amps !! 2 passed at more than 6A - 9A and 11A . We used only one after taking them apart, seeing how they are made and testing them to destruction.The one that passed for use was made in England see picture

Relays 2.jpg

Gold Relays (made in Japan)

Gold plated, vacuum sealed, Japanese manufactured, signal  relays as close to source input as can be . Switching is carried out by a microprocessor and dedicated digital encoder, with software written by ONIX as enable unique management of all input sources.

See our users manual here

We know electronic spec sheets

mean nothing, its time you found out why

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