Spike Stabilizers - Set of 8 by ONIX

"Made to make sound solid"

Designed for Speakers/Turntable Stands with Spikes - on Hard Floors

Spike Stabiliser
Set of 8 Spike Stabilisers
Spike Stabilisers
Will stay solid forever once set , unlike brass, that is 30% the cost of SS and too soft,
Brass works loose as the hole gets bigger with sound vibration and weight, in a just a few weeks.
Brass is just a cheap fix .


Speakers need to be mounted perfectly and with no movement, or the sound is not controled, the bass is floppy and just not tight overall the sound is just " NOT GOOD " if your floor is solid or tiled, spikes on speaker stands just cant work well.

Your floor is often uneven, so large surface plates, or any other method is poor at best , the speakers will wobble .

The sound is at best " OK " but normally very bad.


The "Spike Stabilizers" made only by us at ONIX in England, made to make sound solid.

Milled and Made of 316 Stainless Steel , in the UK and they will never rust and never magnatize .

316 Marine grade STAINLESS STEEL "NOT CHEAP SOFT BRASS" that works loose with sound vibration.

Why Stainless Steel not Cheap Brass or Plastic ?

These were designed for use of development of the ONIX DNA50 while listening to ONIX AMPLIFIERS in

Asia as part of our worldwide process, where tiles and hard floors are normal the problem became obvious.

Nothing was good enough to make speakers solid to the floor.  Anything made was just cheap brass and did little to help, they were fine for a week but just to soft to stay firm .We had to design a product to get the job .. With brass everytime we used or changed the speakers, the hole in the product got bigger as brass is too soft , as the music played it worked loose ,  brass looked bad in less than a week ,it went brown with oxidization and coating was not an option it falls off ,  these had to be Stainless Steel  ,

so it was born - the ONIX Spike Stabilisers  they worked flawlessly for as long as we wanted them too .


Q:- What do these Spike Stabilsers do ? 


A:- They allow you to use spikes that are on the base of the speakers on any hard surface. 


Q:- How do they work ? -


A:- They make a perfect central spike hole so the Spike in the stand is set for solid sound on tiled or hard floor.


Q;- Do they work on any hard floor ?

A;- Yes & they protect  expensive wood floors from spike marks. They can be removed later easly ( instructions inc)

Q:- How do they do this ?


A :- They do this by using Very High Bond tape that bonds to tiles / wood / or any clean hard surface .

Q:- Can they be reused ?

A:- Yes they can , but they will require return to us for new tape to be attached . The bond is one time only .

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