This PCB is supplied and requires fittting.  It will fit the ONIX DNA 45 and ONIX DNA 50 with a simple lid removal .  It comes with the posts to attach the board to the main PCB , and the ribbon cable required to connect it.  Instructions are included for a competant person to install the board  . It conforms to RIAA specification and uses discrete components for superior anolog vinyl sound . A good quality Moving Magnet cartridge is preferable to High Output Moving Coil Cartridges.  These disc boards are made for analog sources and have fixed bias and imepdance settings for Moving Magnet cartridges . Sound is our priority over cost.

Optional MM Disc Board for Vinyl Record Playback

  • The use of discrete superior components creates higher noise if a high output Moving coil cartidge is used. A good quality Moving Magnet cartridge will not create this issue. The Audio Techinca Moving Magnet range is suited at many price levels for use with this this board.

    Please note that if any doubt to your personal abilty to fit this board is in your mind, most dealers will be able to assist , but they may charge for this service. If you would like telephone support and have bought this board in most cases we can guide you through the process of fitting and will be happy to do so.

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