DNA 50U Ultimate inc Vinyl Board and remote .. All components are individually selected, only 10 units a year will be made of this model due to the number of parts needed to find perfect matching. Every single part is tested alone, to meet exact specification. This process alone takes over 45HRS . We then match each channel to its partner part , creating imaging never before acheived with the result of unbelievable musicality .  We test the unit 168 hrs before shipping. Due to the number of parts required to find perfection only 10 units each year can be made , you either have one or you dont ... There is nothing like it- E mail us, call us, or just feel special with questions , we love this model and every single one has a serial number made with your name on the plate. :- The first owner of a DNA 50 Unltimate is recorded for its entire life . Its your choice whose name you use or if you want to have this addition added to you unit .  After all its the ultimate .

ONIX DNA 50U - Ultimate Extreme Exclusivity Less Than 10 a year.

  • DNA 50U Ultimate inc Vinyl Board ..Delivery times will be around 6 weeks as components are individually selected & only 10 units a year will be made of this model once they are sold they will no longer be available until 2021.

    The first onwers name will be Milled in the name plate with the serial number the first owner will be with the same machine forwever. Of course you will never wnat to sell it . Your children or grandchildren will remember who bought it forwever.

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