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The DNA 45 is a pure British Amplifier ( actually made in the UK ) for media , with the same spec as the DNA 50,  it is NOT SUPPLIED with a remote control which is an option . It is upgradable to MM Vinyl at additional cost of 150 GBP . The DNA 45 has SIX direct inputs and it has 2 outputs . 1 Output is active in standby for multiroom instalations . The DNA 45 is the answer to the classic ONIX OA21s ( with an identical push pull A/B design )  and is the DNA50 with a 100W RMS per channel

ONIX DNA 45 - 6 Inputs ( 5 with Vinyl Option added ) 2 outputs and 100W

  • The DNA 45 is a new product, it is only available on promotion from us . It is NOT supplied with a remote control .We will supply the remote control as an option or on offer at times. To all purchased DNA 45 units . The DNA 45 is upgradable to MM vinyl at an additional cost of 150 GBP, the DNA 45 is made on the same platform as the DNA 50, so all other aspects except power are the same .