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ONIX AUDIO - ONIX HIFI & ONIX THE BRAND was created by Adam Worsfold and Tony Brady in 1984 

  They were just 21 years old and loved music  !!

" The UKIPO ( UK Intelectual Property Office ) ruled in favour of Mr. Adam Worsfold, agreeing that Michael O'Brien acted without authority when he assigned the mark to the Shanling Digital Technology of China


The IPO went further, stating that O'Brien knowingly acted without a formal deed of assignment and re-registered the mark without the consent, or even the knowledge, of the rightful trademark holder, Mr. Adam Worsfold."

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We despise the counterfeit business model. Even if major brands have exploited China ( and they have ) and its cheap labour without passing benefits onto consumers, China itself has played a major role in the downgrade of standards . We deplore exploitation of work force, counterfeiting and consumer deception. Our products are designed by us and we actively protect our intellectual property rights our Trade Mark ONIX & ONIXDNA that has taken 30 years to build  for the gain of you and us alike. Everyone should stop supporting this form of deception for personal financial gain. Stop wasting money on disposible cheap junk. The planet needs you to stop and so do you .

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