The ONIX OA21 has never been re-made or cloned  , have you ever wondered why ?

It was the original Timeless ONIX product and over time as the company grew was perfected and became the Icon it is today ; 35 years of A TIMELESS UNMATCHED BRITISH ICON for only 35 people, with a total price of just £495 GBP

( Plus Shipping )

We are going to make only 35 more .. just 35 more - First come first served no exception

Our Timeless look has been copied by many but the original is 1 of 1.

Why are we doing this ?

After renovation of some older units both parts and ability to make a limited number of new units was evident , the tricks we did when making them 35 years ago that no one has ever worked out , and the fact that we will no longer support the older units meant the time was right. Adam Worsfold the original owner of ONIX is able to make the icon . He decided to make each unit himself, and once all 35 have been made they will be shipped . All 35 units will be shipped at the same time . They will take 3 months to make and will be delivered in 2020. NOT BEFORE

Each OA21 will be 100% made from new parts made for the new units  They will be clones of the original OA21 ( actually we are the only company that could make these units )  they will not have any upgrade options and all will be made in black . With the same finish as the original OA21s . The original person that made the transformers 35 years ago will be the person that makes the new OA21 transformers and all parts will be the same as used in 1991. These units will be the ONIX OA21. with MM Vinyl board and no remote . They will be identical . Every unit will have a serial number for each of the last 35 years from 1984 to 2019 . You may request a certain number but only if its still not taken . The serial number will be a bonded plate on the base of the unit and engraved on the PCB.

This is the very last opportunity to buy a NEW ONIX OA21 , we will not be able to make these EVER AGAIN the same as they were made in 1991, but made in the UK in 2019/2020 we have decided to charge ( inflation adjusted ) the same price as they were in 1991. £ 495 GBP

This is how it will work :-


Placing an order requires an order fee of £125 GBP, then in 2020 one week before the units will be shipped the remaining cost of £370 must be paid, ( Total £495 GBP - ex Shipping ) with the relevent charge for transporation to whichever country you are having it sent added to the payment of £370 to be paid in 2020

Note :- If you do not complete payment by the date of shipment  after notification ,your order fee will be lost and not returned .

If we cannot deliver due to circumstances beyond our control the order fee will be refunded in full.

The OA21 ( 2020 ) only 35 units, Celebrating each of the last 35 years ,  the last ever to be made by ONLY ORIGINAL ONIX 

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