Watch the 5 min Video explaining the faraday cage


Designed to be pure and perfect, one big heatsink for perfect heat dissipation and a sealed case to stop all out side signal noise


Inside ONIX DNA 50 Pure Alloy Case
With the top cover screwed on its 100 % a sealed unit with no vents & no outside noise effecting Pure sound
THE DNA 50 Faraday cage in 50 words

Pure Sound ..Interference does not get in, the ONIX Faraday cage 100% no vents and no holes to stop interference from cell phones or anything else. You hear what you are meant too- pure path sound . The one and only ONIX DNA 50

We believe THE ONIX DNA 50 is the ONLY amplifier that has acheived this . What you hear is what goes in from your source not spurious noise that surrounds all of us now.

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