ONIX AUDIO was always  about people 1984-1991

This page is dedicated to all of the original team that worked with ONIX AUDIO between 1984 and 1991.

The people that created original ONIX AUDIO products we @ ONIX AUDIO made:


OA20,  OA21,  OA22,  OA24,  BWD1, OA401,  OA601,  OA801,  SOAP1,  SOAP2.

and NOW the reason to make the legendary OA21 ICON in 2020

They all loved music. They all loved Hifi , and the loved the HiFi they made.

Each day was interesting, each and every member of the Onix team loved BRITISH HI-FI, and the ONIX beliefs along with


They have all helped create ONIX DNA, and ONIX GB where their spirit and efforts live on.


All of us at ONIX GB & ONIX DNA- thank you, and everyone that still enjoy the products they made many years later

A few originals :- Tony , Andy , Phil , Husain , Paul , Pauline ,Steve, Claire, Jackie, Martin ..the list goes on ..




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