Oxidized ( Affected by - Air ) wires are EVIL !!

they cant be measured & sound vanishes from them.

Oxidize Definition :- " to undergo or cause to undergo a reaction in which electrons are lost to another species"


Our ultimate Target.. NO WIRES

All wires OXIDIZE , ALL..cheap wires oxidize in less than three months , then resistance increases,

sound degrades, and the electrons meet resistance , your sound system just sounds worse.

Your amp is sonically dying from the day it is made, with cheap wires inside but..

You wont notice it , it just gradually gets worse

The ONIX Solution  ... Create a Unique Design, an all on one PCB,

100 % Signal is on a Single PCB, Manufactured with a pure 2oz  Copper main board ( that is actually made in the USA )

 hear perfectly for yeaRS-NOT just a few MONTHS


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