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We Celebrate the 35th Year of the ONIX OA21 and its continuing love and use from all music lovers

& for real people that appreciate what we have done and do . ONIX is not for herd followers.



Important Changes coming soon

We are at last in the final stages of completion of a crucial change to ONIX  benefiting our customers and our brand for completion this week.

We have never believed in anything other than progress of quality and sound and in particular for years we have been embracing globalization of the planet using cooperation and partners to embrace recent challenges .

We would like to assure our existing customers and all customers awaiting delivery of units that we are both pleased with the new things coming and extremely happy with the changes about to take place, and are now once again starting deliveries at the start of October.

We have been in negotiations with Shanling Digital Technology of China for some months and have decided that we as companies in particular for the benefit of our brand ONIX must look to the future of our joint and mutual benefit that fit with ONIX ethics and abilities .

ONIX the brand is 35 years old and like everything must grow and mature to where it belongs with history it has made for itself


In coming days we will release full details of our changes and the future plans of


ONIX with Shanling of China


Check back for details soon.....


We have some more great news coming soon..

ONIX is a well established brand with ethics and principles for over 35 years to make the best audio products possible.  On day 1 in 1984 ONIX was relentless in pursuit of quality to make perfect products. Some might say we were an entity with OCD for perfection.

We all listen to music with passion rarely seen BUT...now its 2020.

COVID 19 came along and meant we all had to look at protecting ourselves and our families first. Adam W our CEO made it clear that his health and that of his family is a priority. It was often misunderstood or or worse not accepted by some, for reasons best known only to them, but when health is concerned he becomes characteristically focused. Its the nature of someone that strives for perfection the way he does. Adam does not compromise his health for anything,  and becomes the immovable rock if expected too. He has dedication but refuses to sacrifice health for demands placed upon him by others.

ONIX GB LTD will deliver everything as soon as possible, and must ask everyone to allow us to do this. We are aware time moves on, but everyone must know so has the globalization of how we manufacture things in 2020, in particular after COVID19. Deliveries in the UK were far more impacted than we thought they would be. Positively we are now far more focused to go in the right direction for the future.We will announce great news soon. Come back and check here.


ONIX IN 2020 will get stronger and be better than before for everyone.


If you hang on to the past, you will strangle the future. We wont do that .

Paul Williams

(Onix Media)


ONIX GB ltd learns and changes

The world in 2020 altered the direction of ONIX GB Ltd.

We are looking forward to our growing Asian and world markets playing a far bigger role in our future.


Currently as an independent UK company ONIX GB Ltd manufacture exceptional audio products for people that know how to enjoy their music and their lives. We will shortly restructure our portal so that there can be no doubt as who we are or what we do, and for whom.  We still make each product for each order, for the person that orders it, we are a bespoke manufacturer Of course we evolve too.




Future delivery will be by selected services from the buyer’s locality.  We will remain unique in the world of Audio. We design make and create products our own products we don't sell anything on Amazon, where cost cutting and cheap is a foundation of what is for sale  .


Support of our products will be issued on delivery. We will actually talk to all of our customers to make sure what they expect is clear . This before any order dispatched . They will be as unique as what they buy ,It will be made for them, with details they alone are aware of. We love music and we know those that buy our products love music too.


We will never again tolerate the recent threats placed upon our people, from customers that are financially stressed due to their own changing circumstances and COVID19 . We are people and we deserve respect. We appreciate 2020 has been hard, however the personal stress that a few have passed on to our staff has been beyond any reasonable level. We will never ever expose our team to people that do that again.

We will not tolerate lies given to us in any form.We are not a submissive company. We embrace consumer choice, but know It is unacceptable taking abuse, threats and harassment from people that have issues of their own. We have all been disrupted by COVID 19 in 2020 but we always seek amicable solutions. Solutions have to be and will remain a two way street. Thankfully we are independent and are not beholden to anyone, and our future remains the love of great products that we design and are able to make, but accept abuse is WHAT WE WONT DO.




 We value all genuine customers but ..

ONIX GB LTD will never condone baseless attack against our staff or the company


All products made by ONIX GB ltd are currently made in the UK .They are sold with terms and conditions agreed at the point of sale by ONIX GB LTD . If we say they are MADE IN THE UK then they are.  If reproduction of ill-informed collation of inaccurate data continues, we will point out to all those responsible that ignorance is no defence, and reproduction on certain forums of false/ fake or contrived information obtained from unreliable sources without authentication from hearsay, remains the liability of both the publisher and contributor .

We will take action against both.If of course its false

Corporate structures, operational activity and people.

ONIX GB LTD is a UK Private Limited company an entity, registered at companies house in the UK. It has a registered office and operates under UK law. All official mail must be directed to our registered office. The directors and shareholders are people that are afforded the rights of individuals,  protected accordingly as people,  with rights to privacy and confidentiality. The company does not own people, it employs them. People are entitled to private lives while working for a private limited company, they are separate, and are not duty bound to share their lives with anyone beyond the obligation of office afforded to them. This is upheld by enforcement of those rights in UK courts.

Whilst we accept COVID 19 has affected us, we do not accept some being unable to comprehend corporate structure about ONIX GB Ltd, its shareholders, directors, or other independent entities. We feel it’s prudent to educate the minority of individuals, so that they may take appropriate action to protect themselves from our legal action. We don’t want to pursue claims for "damage to reputation" or  "malicious intent" against them, as it makes lawyers wealthy, but will not hesitate if they continue. We will seek damages from those concerned, UK laws allow redress & can act accordingly with compulsory release of information held by forums that are used as mouthpiece .The attention seekers that try to hide from us we suspect are not even our customers. Continuing to crave recognition by creating negative hearsay with impunity to legal entities, individuals or UK laws.  We will use our great UK legal system to seek damages from them if we decide too, so it is only right we make those involved aware of our intention before we do so.



ONIX GB ltd is proud of our history and our open nature, but equally we find recent events in certain areas of cyberspace and ignorance to factual reality with what is reproduced within it, particularity during Covid19,  highlighting how far knowledge has fallen and facts ignored.  We must now take an aggressive approach to the lack of awareness some have shown to us and seen fit to reproduce regarding what we do as a company, or who is involved with its daily management. A select few with their clear desire for personal and anonymous recognition and meaningless voice has astounded us, meriting no response from us . Keyboard warriors struggling to understand the concept of legal entities, trade marks, IP rights, manufacturing procedures, or corporate structures and individuals within operational activities.  Provide us with details of who you are before shouting.  Try using your real name, while spreading contrived stories  "Stand up or shut up" must now be our stance. Stop hiding, tell us who you are. We are proud to be ONIX GB Ltd a UK entity registered at companies house,  now who are you?  Do we need to ask a court to find out ? Maybe we should !,


We make great products for genuine people that understand why and how.




We have had a few emails asking us why we have a banner on our products store with “ order on application “

The restructuring of our site is coming in the near future with how products can be ordered .

We are looking forward to the changes that are coming and we are sure many people will be glad that we can put the start of 2020 behind us.

We have a far better direction having learnt from all the mistakes we and others around us have made.

ONIX is a manufacturer and we make great audio products, we are not a retailer selling boxes made by others .


We have just discovered ( 25-08-20 11.30am )  and are aware our phone number provider recently had a serious outage.

We have been informed this will be resolved shortly. Please try again if you had any problems calling us we understand it was a UK issue .

electrons flow from the negative to positive

We would like it know that people thriving on negative placebo in some forums due to their own insecurities have our sympathy.

 We will not hesitate to take action against them if we think it warrants it or deserves it if it can be proven malicious.

Our CEO has made it clear people that thrive in their alternate universe are not something we need to respond too.

In particular when such a few are not even genuine ONIX customers.

We would point our that electrons flow from the negative anode to the positive cathode, so it all ends up positive in electronics

Paul  Williams



In 2020 the world changed

The UK was a powerhouse of engineering. Sadly it is now service based and staring at computers is the norm. COVID 19 hit in Jan 2020.  Our CEO was adamant ONIX quality would not be affected by this crisis. Compromising our reputation of ability to meet orders in favor of  perfection was soon evident as the crisis took hold . We made a decision and stuck to it. ONIX is not a company beholden to others and we acted with good intention at a time the unknown was approaching .We updated our site regularly and endured fake accusation started by people that have never done business with us anyway  ,we  ignored them as we should . We know people make our world , but equally some live to try and destroy it we know its how things are . We rise above that .

What is going on ?

Our CEO became stranded overseas shortly after Covid became a problem. Covid then restricted us from entering our building for months .We have  been trying to cover this loss of time since . The OA21 ICON can ONLY be made by our CEO , management of high level areas have to be dealt with by him, some things cannot pass to others until his return, this affected us too.  He was stranded in a country that is virtually Covid free.  He has made it clear health is above all else, and rightly so.

Suppliers are not normal retailers.

Our relentless quality demands placed upon suppliers was an issue. Our suppliers MAKE parts for us. Suppliers had changes forced upon them by the UK government and its pay schemes. It can take over a year to approve an ONIX supplier after all it takes multiple samples and that takes time , our future planning and our suppliers have all been disrupted with Covid 19 it's an international  "supply chain " planning future orders is how it works. Time does not stop but our supplies did. From Banking to carriers manufacturing stalled  .. We manufacture our product, we don't shift boxes and manufacturing in the UK stalled .. Its only just starting up in July 2020 and it has natural backlogs .

A speck of dust or a scratch creates a reject.

Just the cases for the OA21 Icon have over 45 Processes  and 8 suppliers. One speck of dust or one scratch in the powder coat or any cosmetic part and we have start again.  Delivery times are 8 to 16 weeks " normally ", for a regular ongoing production job . One redo can take 4 months . Good Suppliers are EVERYTHING quality only comes from those suppliers. Good ones are busy and everyone waits their turn . The OA21 Icon is only 35 units it is not a regular stocked product. It is not going to be made again . There are only 35, everything is just a small run of 35 and only 35 we do not have power to dictate timescales and we won't let quality drop. We had rejects and we were not going to use them .

When is a M4 screw not a screw we can use ?

We use 316 non magnetic stainless steel fixings in all of our products they are made in the USA, one type of fixing missing and nothing can be made it does not leave our door .  Many suppliers sent samples of SS screws that are magnetic, that means they are ferrous and could rust. Ours never rust and can be removed in 30 years or more. We want our products to last, this is just one of the parts that makes it happen.

British HIFI ..Where now ?

Many British audio companies have now gone because quality was not controlled. Customers didn't buy their goods, as reliability suffered. Choice was eroded . ONIX has never  compromised quality and never will. Quality demands are higher than ever and much harder to maintain and get right ,  most UK companies couldn't get it right 20 years ago and collapsed. We kept going  by evolution from perfection to get it right.

Our Mistakes

We made mistakes, we got things wrong, but we are well on the way to resolving our position and have learned.

Who or what company is perfect ? Who never gets things wrong ?

ONIX makes great audio products, Covid 19 has changed our future, it has taught us a great deal about people. We have learned from the crisis and will get stronger . We make great HIFI and we are proud of our integrity. Nothing worth having is not worth waiting for we want to prove it . We will change as a company and we will still beat our drum, but we will never be in this position again of that be sure .

We will change and grow to be who we are..



Paul Williams.

( ONIX Media )


This is for the OA21 Icon customers click the link

Nothing in life is as simple as some think





We are really busy catching up but...

It has become clear we need to clarify some facts regarding COVID 19 and how it affected us at ONIX GB in the last few months.

We will take this opportunity to thank all that have helped us.


2020 Q1 and Q2

After a law was passed to protect the population of the UK, ONIX was closed for 12 weeks. A duration that was not defined at the start by anyone especially the authorities . We did not know how long it would go on so we could not pass on what we did not know  .  Some of our key suppliers closed, sadly some will never re-open. We now have to find some new key suppliers, not easy at this time when everyone is trying to catch up while we still have restrictions in place. We none the less do not give up .

Some people clearly had trouble comprehending what  COVID 19 meant to others and or companies.  We thought we made it clear in our weekly updates  . For months we could not do anything to run the company  . Neither could most of our suppliers  40% of our productive year vaporized . Car production is 95% down and manufacturing is one of the worst sectors to suffer from Covid 19. We manufacture all of our products in the UK naturally we were affected too.

While protecting our people and mitigating losses to safeguard our future, and that of all our customers past and present we had to deal with multiple critical failure of services and suppliers in just a few short weeks. This while we had no access to our offices.  One of those failures was our principle Bankers ( Barclays ) who had a total failure of business support by systems failures within their bank . A failure they could not fix for 8 weeks and even now is still not 100%  Limited companies are entities not people we are expected to understand..

We are now emerging stronger and more aware of how to deal with what happened. We have survived this due to our team and their efforts. We cannot turn back the clock and we can only go forward. Our intention remains 100% honorable and our efforts are without equal . We support our suppliers and our customers but cannot replace a 40% reduction of a year without effort and patience of those affected . We remain strong and resolute but time does not stand still. There are countless things to do to support a company every day it never stops.

Some ONIX facts



Built a reputation over 36 years with conviction, ability and great products


is a private driven and independent company with directors and shareholders. It is not a public PLC


is a UK company and part the ONIX group  involved in many different actions in the course of business  


is an entity run by people in one location that are never expected to work from home


is a manufacturing company, it is NOT a UK high street retailer or warehouse and Its international  


makes all of its products in the UK using parts made for it by others, or by ONIX GB at our facility.


relies on suppliers of 625 parts, and can only do what suppliers allow it to do within their time frame.


does not buy goods and sell them on, and it does not buy anything from outside the UK.


was adversely affected by COVID 19 along with thousands of other companies across the globe


followed all legal obligations during the covid crisis and will continue to do so, and will never be intimidated .


OA21 Icon

While making the unique production run of just 35 OA21 ICONS and relying on just one person to make them (OUR CEO ) deliveries have been delayed due to the above  . Our CEO was directly adversely affected by COVID 19 for the entire duration. This was made clear in communication sent to all customers waiting for deliveries . He is human and is not owned by the company

With the above in mind we updated our site within the ability we had while considering the situation .   We have had praise from many of our customers for what we do and the efforts we make . We appreciate those people and will reward them . We know our delays are annoying, but to no one more than us .

We will supply everything on order as soon as we can, and when it's safe to do so. Only at the standard we demand  ( Signatures and proof of ID are required on all deliveries something currently not available )  In the mean time if anyone wishes to discuss any aspect of the company it is recommended they call us. While considering our workload and the fact we are flat out busy concentrating on fulfilling our commitments  


Media Negativity

There are always some for reasons only know to themselves trying to seek personal  glory with media attention . In reality most of these glory seekers are not even our customers. They were not in the past or now our customers, even though they say they are.  These people have our pity, but we do not have time to rise to their efforts or sink to their level . We make awesome audio equipment and are busy doing so . We will continue doing what we know is right at ONIX with the conviction that we need for all our genuine customers .

Negativity has no home at ONIX,we only go forward with those that know why.


About the ONIX Group of companies



It is clear to us the situation in the UK we are having to deal with due to Covid19  is not obvious to other countries. We suspect this is due to a lower numbers of victims and less restrictions within their own environment .We of course understand why, and have empathy of their own world of challenges outside of the UK both financially and otherwise . We wish them luck for the future as we all have been affected in some way .

Lets get positive,with great news

We will be introducing  a retrofit optional Bluetooth and DAC board for use with the DNA range, and the OA21 Icon amplifiers in Q4 2020. Each upgrade has a retail price of about 300 GBP . We have decided to reward and say thanks for your patience, anyone still awaiting completion of their order as of today's date 10-06-20.  We will give you this upgrade Free of charge.*


Who is this gift for ?

We will send out ( FOC )  to every customer that has journeyed with us and understood our plight through the 2020 crisis, one upgrade board of their choice in Q4 2020 . This board is for every outstanding order as of the 10-06-20 and delivered after this date . It can be fitted by the user or a dealer if required and will be sent in Q4 of 2020 to the original order customer . This is a gift for your understanding and patience while we battled during what can only be described as our hardest time in history . You will be the first to have one of these upgrades so we ask  you let us know what you think. You will be our review panel for these upgrades.


We are still aiming to deliver most units later in 2020, and we are trying our best within the parameters of given dates from our UK suppliers . We are concentrating on producing and delivering orders. Like all companies in the UK we have limited ability to make some of our suppliers  deliver faster. This as many were closed during this time and like us are just now catching up. We thank all that have traveled with us at this hard time and supported us when we all needed to work together. We have made it clear our passion is our driving force, not just pursuit of profit . This situation did lead to delays as we will not compromise our quality and we source most of our bespoke parts in the UK at time when most of it was closed .

We put health and lives first no matter what, it is at the top of our list. We manufacture in the UK and we think it will pay off for everyone in the long run.


We just want to thank our customers that can see why we do what we do , and stuck with us .



* will be sent and applies to the original buyer only.



195 Countries with 8 Billion people

We made only 35 ONIX OA21 ICONS never to be made again.

Onix still continues forward with positive people and direction for the future.

Deliveries were delayed due to supplier issues and UK laws for COVID 19

Now aiming to meet all deliveries of this rare gem in Q3

The latest closed customer update has been sent by email to awaiting genuine customers.

We are working relentlessly to get up to speed , we suggest all communication from us is read thoroughly


Note :-

Due to incorrect details provided to us, some emails have bounced back when we sent them

if you have not received our latest update from 27-05-20 or do not understand it.

Please check your filters and your inbox acceptance settings then send us new details so we can address both issues.

Also Note :-

 Due to work load personal updates can only addressed when time permits, deliveries are our priority.

We can only handle limited calls so  leave a message and we will get in touch if we need to.

Q & A

It would seem we need to clarify some facts due to Covid 19, and the questions it has created amongst some people and their understanding of it, to them , and to us. We thought we made things clear in our updates, while asking for patience and understanding.

  This Q & A should help.

ONIX actually manufacture products, what does this mean ?

We use multiple suppliers to supply us with parts that they make for us , or get for us. This so we can build our products , in our production facility in the UK, using hundreds of parts for each unit . People do this as computers cant do it, and it can't be done at home . UK suppliers have been affected by UK lock-down laws, and cannot fulfill our contracts. Most have closed to protect their staff . ONIX GB are legally obliged to adhere to the same lock-down laws, and so it continues .

ONIX GB is a UK entity, the people/staff that are required by our suppliers, and needed to complete these contracts, have the choice to stay at home This has affected us too, as it is a reality of lock-down and UK law.

What does the above mean ?

We cannot work in our usual manner, preventing us from working to our usual patterns in our usual location . Computers do not  achieve our productivity, and we will not break the law. Nor should we be expected too.

But why are worldwide orders delayed ?

In addition to the above reasons  , carriers are charging up to 200% more to deliver goods, If they would collect them in the first place. This because fewer flights are able to take cargo, and many airports worldwide are closed. Countless airlines are grounded. If we did send goods, they may get stolen when being delayed, and that would be our loss , even if we accepted the additional cost of carriage, this type of loss is a risk we won't take .

Does this really affect all deliveries ?

A 95% reduction of capacity in flights and  the above lock-down means  getting everything to make our stuff has been a problem ,  even if we could resolve all of these areas,  delivering  them to our customers is still a problem. Never forget we don't buy boxes with products in them to sell, we make our products and we sell them .

Should I be worried ?

ONIX GB is established and a solid company , we have been affected by our bankers ( Barclays )  from serious errors they recently made, and our inability to talk to them due to COVID 19 has taken crazy time ( 60 hrs in a month, and its still not resolved ) this did not help our efforts trying to resolve our progress ,  but ongoing financial  stability, along with our decisions not to be dependent on UK banking, will see us through this .


No you should NOT be worried we are not.

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