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News Update


We have been told by our collegues at Shanling that contact has been made with them regarding claims of orders place with ONIX GB LTD.


No product made of produced in the UK will be handled by Shanling of China. 

All genuine ( varified by ONIX GB ltd ) or orders placed with ONIX GB Ltd will be fullfiled by ONIX GB Ltd from the UK .

Shanling have aqquired the brand ONIX they have NOT BOUGHT the company ONIX GB Ltd 

ONIX GB ltd will work with them in future, and we will support them in what they do, but we will not condone fraud of any nature by those that try to exploit the situation worldwide of reduced staffing. Do not try to claim orders that do not exist it wont work.



The new year 2021


2020 has become the hardest year this century for most of the world, we along with billions of people have been affected by Covid 19 . We pride ourselves on our products and the people behind us that have been part of our success. We do not blame anyone individually and consider this is a world problem needing a collective solution. We all share the planet. However false speculation and rumors with accusations have been unusually active during this year’s crisis within the UK amongst media , with one forum in particiular generating most hearsay.


ONIX GB will deliver all outstanding orders , and will honour all commitments of service and all past products for the foreseeable future , this was always the case irrespective of rumours  that some live to propagate . We remain dedicated with integrity, as does every person within ONIX

All outstanding orders are made by ONIX GB  and ALL OA21 Icons will be made in the UK by the ONIX team in the UK.


ONIX the brand update

Onix the brand has a well documented case where Adam Worsfold along with Shenzhen Shanling Digital Technology Development Ltd  were both victims of an elaborate deception by someone else in the ownership of the brand.

Neither Shanling or Adam Worsfold of ONIX were part of this deception but both were victims.


2021 ONIX and the future .

We are pleased to announce Shanling and the brand Onix are now one, after months of talks and friendship resolution,

ONIX the brand is now the sole property of Shenzhen Shanling Digital Technology Development Ltd

 ONIX GB Ltd will work together with Shanling to build a brand with joint resources for the benefit of all future customers .  

We are both proud to put all past differences aside for success in the new year and go forward.

We have both done this when the world is in turmoil, nothing but positive energy can create this new direction clearly driven by people with vision from both sides of the globe . We welcome 2021 with our friends and the ONIX brand owners at Shanling.

Keep checking for new updates



Enough of Covid 19 we all need to take care of ourselves, and think music .


As of 4th of November England is facing another lockdown. This does not change anything for ONIX this time, as we built up a good stock of components to make most of our products while we we could and all of our team will be working hard to catch up with orders.

Lets not talk about the reasons why our goverment has screwed small companies like ours in favour of corporates.

We are proud we dont depend on banks and we remain independant.  Each one of us appreciate individual thinking and those that support us .


Get in the mood for great sound while stuck indoors , stop watching the time wasting TV junk and reinvent your abilty to just relax .

Let our deliveries for our normal range that are getting right back on track re-introduce your ears to your brain, listen and enjoy music again.


Our telephone lines are open from 10 AM to 4 PM Monday to Thursday and 10 AM to 2 PM Friday so use your voice.

We even read Emails ( Not the Junk Ones ) ., How Awesome is that ? ... Yep we are really back on track.


& dont forget ....

Support local companies and local suppliers , support people that do their best, support people you see each day without knowing who they are.

Think about the people we live amongst, no matter where they come from or what they do, we are all your neighbours and we are all facing our own challanges we are people above all else . Not faceless corporates that could care less 


All manufactures/brands have a learning curve its what makes them stronger

Welcome to the ONIX replacement P/X scheme

ONIX AUDIO 1991 to 1995

ONIX AUDIO started in 1984 and became a UK brand know for great amplifiers. In 1991 ONIX AUDIO was sold to another UK company by our CEO the original owner . After 1991 ONIX carried on in the UK until 1995. Sadly between 1991 to 1995 known as“the dark period of ONIX ”, quality was lost , driven by accountants and new owners with no knowledge of engineering and even less integrity.

It takes more than most understand to make great products. They just didn’t have that knowledge.

From 1991 to 1995 all units ware cost cut, now some of those units are irreparable by virtue of poor workmanship and cheap components. Many of the units made after 1991 are beyond repair. We inherited the result when in ONIX was back in the original owners hands, and  behind the scenes we have been resolving these old quality issues with dedication to fullfil customers expectations

We will stand by our reputation so..

Until the end of 2020 we are offering ONIX owners, very attractive PX deals on ONIX units made from 1991 to 1995.

Its an ONIX scheme rectifying the  “Dark period of ONIX “  

We are back on track the way we need to be. If you are an owner of an OA21s or OA22 that was made after 1991 “the dark period”

(Call us if you think you have one) We know the components inside from 1991 to 1995  are not to spec .

We know the quality was not to ONIX levels, nor was the sound quality and we know these units often fall apart.

More than this we know counting cost has consequences in manufacturing.


It’s time to clean up the past, we only go forward .Evolution not revolution


We are ONIX AUDIO and we are proud to do our best, more than this WE know what “WE” MAKE is great  



We are the original ONIX AUDIO from 1984 now in 2020


We have at last been sorting out older service units. Some were delayed for parts and from our closure earlier this year.

We will be returning some units later this week. Those will be notified

Being based in the south of England we are thankfully still quite safe here, and are working hard.

We are making great headway and hope to be on top of things very soon.

We have been proud at how some people have cared for the older ONIX units, just this week we have finished servicing a BWD1 and Soap 2 that belongs to a Mr Peter D. We congratulate him on taking care of these wonderful parts of our history. They are not only testament to how we made them but equally how people love them. These units are like new and even have the original boxes.


We are not a corporate body just in it for money and nothing else, we are human and it’s a pleasure to see things we made with passion 30 years ago coming back for us to see in 2020 and still like they left our facility then in 1990


We love music and it’s great to know some do as much as us, we thank Peter for making our week .


Lets us remind everyone our current phone times are 10am to 2 pm Monday to Thursday

We are pleased to be doing well and will continue to build units and fulfill orders as fast as we can.

We have been asked why most of our products are still out of stock, this is due to extensive fraud that we have suffered from on line sales during and before the Covid 19 crisis as some credit card sales were fraudulent and far too many deliveries being lost by carriers when not obtaining signatures or failing to deliver at all.

We needed to make sure we deliver and catch up with existing orders and deliver securely first. We do accept orders but you must contact us to have definitive delivery dates. In between we will reply to emails of any new order inquiries and look forward to putting this whole COVID CRISIS behind us .We have found some great new suppliers achieving the quality we demand for our products .


Recent challenges have been far more than we had anticipated as just before COVID 19 we had inferior components supplied to us from suppliers that no longer trade, necessitating new sources upon our return with considerable loses as a result  .

Tesco don’t sell anything we use because most parts are made only for us.

Our team has resolved many issues and will be *aiming to deliver the first OA21 ICONS at designated pick up points around the end of this *month. OCTOBER 2020.



*Subject to given dates to us of component supply and if conditions permit *


Lets us remind everyone our current phone times are 10am to 2 pm Mon to Thur

Onix OA21 Icon news

We manufacture our products, we design and build them from scratch in the UK. We have 650 parts in a typical amplifier. 

Over 100 made just for us . We think that it’s time some of what we do is made public, it helps understand why we can get delays. More will be updated on changes coming on an OA21 ICON PAGE, but in the mean time .. Consider this


One OA21 ICON KNOB made of SOLID ALUMINUM ...1/650 ONIX parts .

Stage one

The original ONIX ICONIC knob had to be re-drawn from scratch, with 100 other parts.  This due to new file types being required for new CNC machines that make things today. The files were created by a third party contractor using latest CAD software. Samples supplied were from our stock of an original OA21,  all parts had to be redrawn before we made anything.

Stage two

We then have to make sure that we find a supplier small enough, but good enough to care about small quantities. Not an easy task. They must then make a few samples to make sure that our drawings and files are perfect. Each process may require a change and that takes more time.

The material used can be very poor quality these days, so we have to source a reliable supplier to make sure the aluminum is good enough to be anodized and not fail at that process after being produced. This involved sample testing that took months, many failed.

It is then, turned, milled, countersunk, threaded and then chamfered to become a Knob.

Stage Three

We then have to buy the relevant control device and wait delivery so that we can test the fit of the knob on the shaft, some components can take a year to deliver they are rarely in stock now . NO OA21 ICON knob will wobble. Hole to big it will wobble, to small won’t fit, the tolerance is 0.05 mm this not including anodizing depth that adds thickness to the centre hole .

Stage five

We then have to source a stainless steel grub screw the fits in the internal thread of the knob to hold it on  , it must not seize in the thread or work loose. We then make sure its actually 316 stainless steel, so it can be removed years later. We expect 30 years as a life. We cannot trust certain sources with this type of product,  it is often supplied with pure fiction of spec ..We must check them, and we found 20 samples made of coated mild steel, not stainless steel as spec and supplied . We did find one good supplier . The one we use.

Stage six

The knob is then sent to be polished and brushed as part of the finishing process and as we use the same polishers we always have we know it will be done to our standards. They work to the best standards of finishing and also do work for a world renowned car company.

Really Renowned.

Stage Seven

We then make sure the dye used in the anodizing process at the next supplier does not fade and is the quality we require, this is once again down to trust of our supplier but also the quality of the dye they use ( Swiss ) and where they get it from for use on our products . We must trust them to seal the finish so it last the way it should, sealing and anodizing is a process that has 4 parts so that the knob does not fade with time .

We make a black knob, 35 years later they are still black ..now you know why .

Stage eight

They pack the knobs for us to collect as we can’t trust carriers they often damage them so we collect them.

If they are wrong off we have to start again .

“But it’s only a knob ! They are everywhere” !! We know that but...

NOT... an ONIX OA21 knob that's made for perfection every time


 ONIX GB Ltd was affected for six months by COVID 19 while a key member of staff was not able to work.

The down time was felt by all, it was unavoidable. Now its time to get busy .

It is impossible to catch up in a few weeks from all the time lost, so to assist us until further notice

our phone lines are open between the hours of 10am and 2 pm four days a week. No other time.

We have survived our hardest time in history, but we resent the attitude that some have shown us with their disregard to our ethical stance or the health of our people. We deplore the mentality shown from a small number of those that share our planet, and we will not accept threats or needless attack. We welcome any criticism and learn from it, but won’t respond to hidden identities by way of forums or collective chat rooms. We are busy moving forward unlike the aforementioned small herd with too much time on their hands .


We have no control over a country or how it runs.

We have always been about unequaled quality and music.

We work for those that appreciate what we do and not just marketing to make money

We stand proud in everything we are and everything we make.

We make awesome HIFI with great new designs on the way,


Nothing worth having is not worth waiting for, we thank those that know that, and they will be rewarded




We have some more great news coming soon..

ONIX is a well established brand with ethics and principles for over 35 years to make the best audio products possible.  On day 1 in 1984 ONIX was relentless in pursuit of quality to make perfect products. Some might say we were an entity with OCD for perfection.

We all listen to music with passion rarely seen BUT...now its 2020.

COVID 19 came along and meant we all had to look at protecting ourselves and our families first. Adam W our CEO made it clear that his health and that of his family is a priority. It was often misunderstood or or worse not accepted by some, for reasons best known only to them, but when health is concerned he becomes characteristically focused. Its the nature of someone that strives for perfection the way he does. Adam does not compromise his health for anything,  and becomes the immovable rock if expected too. He has dedication but refuses to sacrifice health for demands placed upon him by others.

ONIX GB LTD will deliver everything as soon as possible, and must ask everyone to allow us to do this. We are aware time moves on, but everyone must know so has the globalization of how we manufacture things in 2020, in particular after COVID19. Deliveries in the UK were far more impacted than we thought they would be. Positively we are now far more focused to go in the right direction for the future.We will announce great news soon. Come back and check here.


ONIX IN 2020 will get stronger and be better than before for everyone.


If you hang on to the past, you will strangle the future. We wont do that .

Paul Williams

(Onix Media)


ONIX GB ltd learns and changes

The world in 2020 altered the direction of ONIX GB Ltd.

We are looking forward to our growing Asian and world markets playing a far bigger role in our future.


Currently as an independent UK company ONIX GB Ltd manufacture exceptional audio products for people that know how to enjoy their music and their lives. We will shortly restructure our portal so that there can be no doubt as who we are or what we do, and for whom.  We still make each product for each order, for the person that orders it, we are a bespoke manufacturer Of course we evolve too.




Future delivery will be by selected services from the buyer’s locality.  We will remain unique in the world of Audio. We design make and create products our own products we don't sell anything on Amazon, where cost cutting and cheap is a foundation of what is for sale  .


Support of our products will be issued on delivery. We will actually talk to all of our customers to make sure what they expect is clear . This before any order dispatched . They will be as unique as what they buy ,It will be made for them, with details they alone are aware of. We love music and we know those that buy our products love music too.


We will never again tolerate the recent threats placed upon our people, from customers that are financially stressed due to their own changing circumstances and COVID19 . We are people and we deserve respect. We appreciate 2020 has been hard, however the personal stress that a few have passed on to our staff has been beyond any reasonable level. We will never ever expose our team to people that do that again.

We will not tolerate lies given to us in any form.We are not a submissive company. We embrace consumer choice, but know It is unacceptable taking abuse, threats and harassment from people that have issues of their own. We have all been disrupted by COVID 19 in 2020 but we always seek amicable solutions. Solutions have to be and will remain a two way street. Thankfully we are independent and are not beholden to anyone, and our future remains the love of great products that we design and are able to make, but accept abuse is WHAT WE WONT DO.



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