The 1984 Onix Audio OA21 Integrated Amplifier 

OA21s Rendered 2015
The OA21 ICON 2019

In 1984 ONIX AUDIO opened its first bank account...

establishing the brand. Adam Worsfold, Tony Brady and Craig Hill made the first units branded ONIX above a shoe shop in Brighton, England.  They were all in their early twenties. Craig Hill, along with his father Arthur, sold the first units through his shop in Brighton, while Tony and Adam built them. Shortly afterwards, Adam went on to became the sole owner of ONIX AUDIO, achieving status of HI-FI/AUDIO perfection in 28 countries by 1991.

Onix HISTORY 1984 - 2020

Times have changed... sadly so has too much quality

Streaming Hi-Fi systems, iPod's, MP3 music players, multi-room video installations, wireless audio systems and a faster lifestyle have changed the way we listen to music, like or not its here to stay. Listening to just 20% of the music of what was originally recorded is not good enough for us at ONIX, and we know it's not good enough for you either, and nor should it be.

Reviews of the ONIX OA21S & The ONIX BWD 1 Tuner

ONIX Advertisement from 1991

Original ONIX AUDIO Brochure from 1988

Magazine Hi Fi Sound from 1988 in Canada

Original ONIX Product Reviews

ONIX OA21 Review from 1986

The Legendary ONIX BWD1 from 1990

ONIX BWD Review from 1991

Adam W Biz card 1991

Serial Number Plate from 2019

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Where we fit in

ONIX & now ONIXDNA reproduces and always has as much of the recorded content as possible. Reliving and rediscovering music is as rewarding now, as it ever was. It's what we do to make it happen that counts.

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Original Brochure from ONIX AUDIO 1988