Q - Who are you?

A - Our CEO, Adam Worsfold, owned ONIX Audio established in 1984 for the first 7 years of its life. Responsible for creating the classic OA21, BWD1 and OA22. He and a dedicated team at ONIX GB, in the UK, live for the pursuit of perfection in sound/design and construction of long lasting, performing and unbelievable audio equipment. We ALL listen to music, we're all proud of what we make and we all care for the customers that put faith in us. We are ONIX DNA, in the UK.

Q - Why don't you have a larger range of ONIX HI-FI ?

A - Perfection of performance and manufacture take time. Development of any quality product cannot be done quickly. If it is, cost-cutting or integrity of what you buy must have taken place. Our range will grow, but only when it's worthy of the ONIX name and when we've done our job properly (ONIX is not a badge, it's a value).

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