England the birth place of ONIX AUDIO and real HiFi


England is the birth place of music and virtually every internationally successful band in the last hundred years. England has terrible weather and the world knows this. England's people spend large amounts of time indoors. We listen to music or we used too . We create and invent electronic devices to improve music. Some of the best audio equipment in the world originated from England.

A whole new generation has never known what quality products can do. Too many products are sold on hype, with each stage of the hype created to extract money from the end user. Ultimately leading to an inferior product. 

Specification lies have grown and knowledge of them has been hidden and ignored across all spectrums.

Welcome to the new ONIX DNA range. Made in England by ONIX, for people that understand why

Who else still services its products 30 years after they left the original ONIX AUDIO factory? Who else can? Who else will? 

We have a phone number in England, we have an address in England, and we have a human existence in England, and we have a love for our products. All because you're a person, not a revenue stream.

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