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We Celebrate the 35th Year of the ONIX OA21 and its continuing love and use from all music lovers

& for real people that appreciate what we have done and do . This is not for everyone only a few.


The DNA45's are now limited  with Delivery will be in Feb 2020

 A British Made low cost ONIX Amp.

"One of the best bargains in hifi"

This is as quoted by a new  ONIX DNA 45 customer in Jan 2020

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Why dont you sell via retail dealers  ? We get asked more often .

Everyone wants value , Everyone wants a good deal. The world is changing its 2019/2020

We had to choose , and we know its right , lets compare why.

High Street ( we still use Agents for some products )


Benefits:-      Personal Service ,hear it , feel it , be reassured its good then take it home.

Negatives :-  Cost typically 50% more you pay for shop rent , staff wages & with many you get profit based sales tactics

Direct ONIX - manufactuer sales :-

Benefits : Save 50% of cost , built for you ,  Try in your own home with your system, support, 

Upgrades and offers , DSR ( EU )

Negatives:- Wait longer to get it - Nothing worth having is not worth waiting for .

2019 ..August Update .. perfection takes time


Its August 2019, the UK has welcomed Boris Johnson as our new Prime Minister , ONIX has had a few delivery delays due to our continued managment of quailty and never degrading our standards. We know perfection comes to those that know its not instant.  We welcome our new Logistics company " Inexpress " and look forward to using them for all of our deliveries worldwide . We are reducing the DNA50 for just 2 weeks until the 20 August 2019 .  Delivery will be in late September for those ordered in August with our August discount . We have adressed our e mail server and suggest if you have sent a E mail in July please resend it as many got lost , emails are not an exact science.


WE NEVER IGNORE YOU ..Or call us it works so much better

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