Onix Audio make great British HiFi

We are the ONLY authentic ONIX AUDIO and have always been based in England

The Original OA21 and Soap - 1984

We are the First Audio Company to use ONIX - "EVER " Worldwide

ONIX GB (The same company as Onix Audio from 1984 with the classic OA21, OA21S, OA22, OA24 & BWD1 and now the OA21 Icon ) 


We are a privately owned British Group, designing, manufacturing and creating specialist ONIX AUDIO British HIFI and  ONIX HIFI equipment under our  registered trademarks: ONIX, ONIXDNA, DNA, TENTEN and of course ONIX AUDIO, OA21s & many others


The ONIX Group consists of companies with shareholders and appointed directors  (ONIX GROUP companies being autonomous reporting entities) ONIX operates with employees and contractors. ONIX is a team of people with a common direction. No person within ONIX is the company itself, and everyone creates the company’s future. The roles of management are all part of ONIX. It is not a single person. ONIX the entity is the vehicle - The ONIX  team provides the fuel .  They work together never alone .


ONIX IP HOLDINGS Ltd (1136053)

Intellectual Property rights and design patents


ONIX GB Ltd (08822205)

R & D, Manufacturing and product procurement


ONIX 101 Ltd (12685215)

Online Retail and Distribution of finished ONIX products



Onix HIFI is made in the UK by ONIX GB LTD the manufacturing division of the ONIX GROUP. All goods after July 2020 will be sold by ONIX 101 Ltd the retail division of the ONIX  group . Onix 101 will also sell goods via various other channels. All products that fit with the ethics of the ONIX group will be sold via ONIX 101 Ltd



Onix will not condone any kind of prejudice against any living individual . Onix will not exploit people for benefit of profit and ONIX  will consider humanity above all else . Onix will treat all as equals knowing customers are essential to growth but are one part of the whole picture . Customers do not have the right to abuse or discredit anyone within the ONIX group. Onix believes everything can be resolved with communication and respect of required systems needed to operate. It is understood that both parties agree to that . ONIX works for perfection and must be allowed to maintain that.


Historic IP rights

ONIX has an enviable list of established intellectual property rights held by ONIX IP HOLDINGS Ltd.  With years of well earned dependable and great products Made in the UK by ONIX GB Ltd  anything the group owns or any of it intellectual property rights are actively protected so that anyone buying a product or licensing rights owned by ONIX will benefit from being able to buy or use those products/rights without infringement or confusion from false representation by others . Some envious of ONIX and its earned reputation often try to discredit ONIX with malicious intent using forums and media to do so. Some just seek personal glory and don't do it for anyone's else's benefit .


ONIX prosper by diversification with products or services that benefit others. This is achieved by strict control and implementation of systems. Onix promotes joint programs while working with others, always abiding by laws designed to protect those involved. ONIX also protects the future of the company, customers, staff and suppliers that support it. This while actively protecting itself from anyone that attempts to compromise its principles or reputation of the people that work for it .


Protecting Brand Integrity

ONIX  has a driven attitude regarding respect of IP Rights , and will not tolerate any kind of unfounded compromise. ONIX will litigate against anyone reproducing  or publishing non factual, confidential content or creating false accusation designed to compromise the ONIX reputation for personal glory of individuals or companies creating it. ONIX will not condone trade mark infringement .

ONIX actively protects its staff and itself from promoted or published infringement of its rights or reputation.   Non factual, frivolous hearsay or stolen copyright content will with structured quantification of damage be claimed without exception . ONIX considers all litigation a last resort, but is resolute in protecting its staff, itself and its rights if anyone fails to respect the truth and thrives on glory seeking with reproduction of non factual or spiteful hearsay .

The ONIX Group 2020

The down side for other companies:

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