We are ONIX


We are unique, so are you

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Every " Genuine " ONIX product is built by us for you in England , we design it , we make it and when we have spoken to you and we know its what you want,  we make sure its what you expect and that its 100% perfect , we deliver it to you in person-  WORLDWIDE .

We then will expect it to last as long as you want it too, as everything worth having should do.

What does this mean to you when you order from us?


After we have built it we contact you to let you know its on the way, prior to delivering to you, we will arrange a date and time .

It is not instant and we don't stock finished units it will take time . We advise you and estimate how long it will be.

We build everything , we are a manufacturer, it is made just for you, with a serial number or name that you choose

  Never forgetting your desire to own the best we will give you a client phone number and email for you to get in touch.

We will ask you to keep it from public use. We know your unique so we want you to know why we are too .

We only want the best from start to finish. you know its what you want too.



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