The Faraday cage

Who on earth is Michael Faraday? What on earth did he do? Why should we all care?

We live in a world of mobile phones, wifi, GPS, radio waves, microwaves, satellite broadcast signals and general electrical interference and unseen effects. Every single one of us is subject to these radio waves and these frequencies. Every single person is affected by these radio waves and these frequencies. We are all told they don’t effect us - we at ONIX don’t believe this.

However, it is very apparent that none of us can do anything to change it, but we can all help. ONIX have...

The ONIX Faraday cage

We have designed our range of amplifiers to excel in a Faraday cage. This is effectively an enclosed metal enclosure that is not used to conduct electricity or signal and completely encases everything. It is set to ground zero (earth). It shields and protects anything to do with Electromotive Force (EMF) and signals.

Why does it matter to me?

We have no vents, there is no way any signal escapes from within the case of any ONIX amplifier. The benefit to you is two fold, nothing gets out or interferes with anything else. The biggest benefit to your ears and you is nothing else gets in and interferes with a pure, well designed product and the sound it creates.

What does this mean, I don't understand?

Q - Will my mobile phone be heard at any point near the amplifier or on top of it?
A - No.
Q - Will anything else in my house interfere with the amplifier?
A - No.
Q - Will any other media device interfere with the amplifier (Media unit, CD player, DAC, Turntable)?
A - No.
Q - Will the amplifier interfere with anything else?
A - No.
Q - Will I hear any noise from interference of radio waves through the speakers?
A - No.
Q - Will I hear anything that goes through the speakers that doesn't go through the amplifier?
A - No.
Q - Will this benefit me?
A - YES.