We are often asked what speakers are best suited to our products, as we don't manufacture speakers and specialise in electronics.

Speakers are one of the most subjective and personal choices a Hi-Fi enthusiast will ever make. A speaker is very dependent upon its location, its physical dimension and the room in which it's used. All speakers must be positioned and mounted correctly to be able to perform as they are intended. Amplifiers must control them, both efficiently and accurately for them to perform properly.

We, ONIX GB, when evaluating new products, we have a cross section of speakers ranging from 100 GBP to 5000 GBP. We have floor standing, bookshelf and free standing. Our preferred brands are really dependent upon the models that they are currently selling or have made in the past. When we are developing a product we must assess currently available speakers as well as existing speakers in the market place.

For our amps, the speaker companies we have used in the past or presently are as follows: Linn, Monitor Audio, Epos and ProAc, along with a selection of other brands. We tend to prefer speakers that are manufactured and designed in the UK. We have found these more neutral and best suited to our design ethics.

For the DNA range, while evaluating changes or improvements or just plain listening to music, we use ProAc speakers with their monitor and studio range.