Our CEO and chief designer, Adam Worsfold, enjoys media in the form of watching movies, listening to music and the internet as much as anyone else does today. As a result, all of our products have been designed with all of today's digital media in mind. If you use your two speaker system, the interface between your media and our products is imperative. If you use optical media, a good quality optical lead is all that is required. If you convert digital to analogue to feed into an amplifier, a good quality converter with a good quality power supply is generally adequate. However, like all good quality products, subjective listening is imperative. Digital streaming and digital processing of the internet feed is again imperative as well as subjective. The most important stage of all digital media is the understanding that any loss from the digital feed is crucial to the final output and the quality of it. Don't ever forget, you start with 80% less than the original recording with the vast majority of today's media. Losing any of it through poor quality products, is now worse than ever, and although now acceptable to many people, quality is imperative to performance. We do not have any direct recommendations for today's media, as too much of it is essentially the same and only a few quality manufacturers are working hard to improve their products.


Originally believed to all sound the same, now proven and acknowledged to have variation of sound. Our preferred CD's are from established brands such as: Exposure, Roksan and other high-end British brands. Recognised level entry CD's can sound adequate, our recommendation is ALWAYS listen to the CD player you wish to buy, NEVER buy on review or price.


It has amazed us, the complete junk turntables currently being sold in the market place - junk, nothing less than junk. A turntable must have a certain quality to play vinyl as it should be heard. We have yet to find a turntable setup of less than 750 GBP that does vinyl justice. Equally, the more money you spend is not proportionate to the improvement you get. If you have a good turntable, a good tonearm and a good cartridge, that it is set up well in a good location - vinyl has no equal. With this in mind, we recommend: Rega, Linn, Roksan and any quality turntable that meets the requirements of a good vinyl setup. The cheap rubbish being sold in the high-street is worse than Edison's recording system in 1910 and does nothing but destroy the environment with the cheap plastic used to make it.