Source Interconnect Cables

Interconnect cables are crucial to a high-end system. Cheap, rubbish is absolutely unacceptable. We use both Atlas interconnects based in Scotland and The Chord Company interconnects, in Salisbury. We have experimented with vest numbers of Chinese and complex looking cables sold in a multitude of retailers, we have yet to find a single brand that's made in China or sold under some hype, perform adequalty with our equipment. If you want good interconnects, The Chord Company or Atlas have cables that will suit your budget and subsequently perform well.

There are other high-end cables manufactured in Europe or America that also perform well. However for value, Atlas and The Chord Company provide for every price point.

We cannot emphasise the importance of interconnects between source and amplifier and any cut of quality in this imperative cable is devastating to sound. Once again, the use of cheap interconnects does nothing but destroy your ears and the environment, when they end up in a landfill.

Speaker Cables

We have found speaker cables even worse than interconnects for hype and mystery. So to simplify matters, we support the following: good quality, well manufactured, multi-stranded copper cable. Additions such as silver plating, or pure silver cable have benefits at a cost, but our amplifiers will work with any decent speaker cable and are designed for multi-stranded and quality cables.