Technical Questions

Q - What's the most and least crucial parts of a system ?

A - There are 3 major parts of any audio system. The first is the source. The second is amplifying it, and the third is the speakers. In between this, there are leads, components, designs and quality. But ultimately the last part of the system, is your ears. If you put rubbish in, no matter what they system is doing, you will get rubbish out. If MP3 or streaming is your source and only 20% originates from it, each improvement counts but it will never be more than 20%. No. 1 - source.

Q - If I listen to MP3 or streaming, does quality make a difference ?

A - MP3 is very rarely more than 20% of the original recording due to compression, streaming is the same, so the more you hear of what is actually still there, is even more important. High quality systems will deal with the lack of information and interpret what is there in a more accurate manner, and ultimately improve the sound for a more pleasurable experience.

Q - What speakers & source do you recommend for use with your amplifiers ?

A - This question is one of the most commonly asked questions in all high-end Hi-Fi and the answer cannot be simple. We have our preference of source devices and speakers we have tried, so to fully answer this question, our separate section (other products) is an essential read.

Q - Why does component quality count ?

A - Time has established that the quality, design and manufacture of ANYTHING determines how it performs and how long it lasts. In Hi-Fi, this is taken one stage further and adds how it sounds. No product with cost-cutted or compromised components will ever perform and last as long as any product with quality components in its construction and design criteria.

Q - Why do you use and what are the benefits of using a 350VA toroidal transformer ?

A - A 350VA transformer with a height of less than 45mm, designed by us and made by us was created for transient capability. When extreme symbols, bass and drums cannot be met as accurately, using any other power supply, as efficiently or articulately - what choice do we have?

Q - What is the compromise of using a toroidal transformer ?

A - Due to the natural properties of a traditional transformer - some physical noise can be heard close to the transformer, but never through the speakers and never intrusive enough to annoy. This is characteristic of all toroidal transformers. It is due to DC on your local supply created by switching power supplies such as those used for a mobile phone or computer. It does not effect sound quality, but can be reduced with a mains filter available from specialist Hi-Fi stores or online.