Specialised Questions

Q - Why is ONIX equipment so different and made in England ?

A - We control every part from design to dispatch, and never compromise for bean counters (accountants). In essence, you get what you pay for - you don't pay for what others want. We care about you, your ears and the music you like.

Q - Does all high end Hi-Fi equipment sound the same ?

A - NEVER. It just can't sound the same. What goes in and what comes out is dependent on the quality of equipment/design, along with the components/construction of the product.

Q - Are all finishes/anodising the same ?

A - Not in any way. Our remote is Hard Anodised for durability, it's 28 microns thick and virtually scratch proof. Our cases are anodised to 18 microns thick. In context, most Chinese finishes are less than 8 microns thick (Apple's iPhone 7 is 9 microns thick). We offer several colours to order - these are durable, long lasting and will not fade hence our 30 year life expectancy. Once again, it's in the product not the hype.