2 inches / 45mm slim , 100W x 2, crafted in a solid aluminium case ,built by hand for those that know what perfection is.

ONIX DNA-50 M - Pure path, sound perfection. never mass produced

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Only ever designed and made in England.

Evolution has NO shortcut

Time and its cost is paid back with evolution and perfection
The ONIX DNA-50, a 100W Real RMS per channel, integrated amplifier.
Independent Vinyl stages,consumer up-gradable. DAC/Bluetooth boards to follow, with an ONIX designed and made toroidial pure path power supply. Crafted in a package formed of solid aluminum, that's AS7003 (aerospace spec).The main board is made and assembled by ONIX . The DNA 50 is the result of years of R & D and over 200 prototypes. Perfection takes time.
10KG, made of aluminum, 435mm wide, 285mm deep, and only 45mm / 2 Inches tall.
We have made the thinnest amp ever made with pure signal path technology, inside a 100% aluminum case that forms the ultimate heat-sink - removing all vents that normally cause weakness and reliability issues in any amplifier.
If the ONIX DNA-50 was made with steel instead of aluminum, it would weigh over 32KG.
Not everyone wants a huge ugly amp in their ever decreasing and demanding living spaces ( we sure don't ) .Some people want performance in a beautiful package . The ONIX DNA-50 can be enclosed or hidden anywhere and is capable of taking up to 100KG on top of the unit, ( no other integrated amp we know of can do that ) such as a large screen TV or other separates. It can be used at any angle with no compromise of function, sound or heat. It can be used in hostile environments ( Moisture heavy ) and was designed for such use, we believe no other amplifier can match our versatility and future proof life expectancy of the DNA 50. We are sadly not responsible for the music being made, or MP3 being rented from all and sundry . We say OWN the music before you lose the choice .
The DNA-50 is ultimate evolution of our classic OA21s.
Designed by one and the same person, Adam Worsfold, using knowledge gained from ONIX AUDIO , development founder of ONIX AUDIO and the classic ONIX OA21s. Creating a pure signal path with unmatched imaging ( Separation measured by Signal to noise Ratio ) of sound that time and compressed MP3 have forced so many listeners to forget. The ever slipping standards of cheap ear damaging junk sold everywhere today .
The digital world is here, at ONIX our analogue ears are NOT forgotten. Neither are yours.
Take care of your ears, bad sound and cheap products cant pay for new ears later with money "saved ". One set of ears is all we have lets look after them you will miss them when their gone.


ONIX products are made by people that listen for people that hear.
Power O/P 100W RMS into 8Ω < 0.01% THD - Both channels driven
Output imp Speakers 2Ω - 16Ω
Line Inputs 6 x RCA Direct line inputs (1 x Variable/Upgradable input for DAC or Bluetooth)
Line Output 1 x Switched output. 1 x Permanent output for Multi-room use
Onix Design 100% Bespoke designed with Discrete components
Amp Type A/B Push Pull split rail voltage supply
Mains Power Onix Designed transformer 145mm x 40mm 350VA 220-250V
Dimensions 45mm x 435mm x 285mm 2' x 17.5 'x 11.2' Inches
FOB Weight 10KG / 22 Lbs (Shipped)
Construction 100% CNC Milled 6082 UK, AS7003 anodized aluminum
Remote 100% CNC Milled 6082 UK Hard anodized aluminum (virtually scratch proof) Designed and made by ONIX
All Fixings All fixings manufactured from 316 stainless steel (Anti Magnetic & rust proof)
MISC Pulse Coded Modulation ,Motorized volume control for pure signal path sound. Selection by digital encoder operating pure signal gold relay switching. Different colored LED's for input selection further enforcing minimalist ideals along with function and form in all design criteria

The following options are individual preference selection.

Fitted with Direct input Board (specified for bespoke source)

Available 2018 :

  • Bluetooth Board
  • DAC Board

A range of colours are available to special order only.

Please enquire for further details.


Hi-Fi Answers [Audiophile] (October 2017)

"This really is quite a special product. Stylish, slim, powerful, tuneful, musically engaging and - unusually for a British built product - a fit and finish up there with the very best from Germany, Japan and USA."

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Hifi Pig (April 2017)

"The DNA-50 amplifier has a real solidity and assuredness that you don’t even bother to seek out its purported strengths or weaknesses, you simply sit back, relax, spin your favourite tunes and be comprehensively drawn right in by the clarity, power and emotion of the music."

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Hi-Fi+ (February 2017)

"The DNA-50 unveils plenty of detail and lets you know what's going on without making you think about the sound: in other words, the emphasis is on the music."

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DNA-50 User Manual

Click here to download as PDF!