We are now offering the chance to match any colour you present us with and apply it to your made to order - DNA-50. We do have some suggestions of our own if you're struggling...
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As you can see from the image above, we already have a wide range of colours available but recently we decided to expand our selection and offer our customers the chance to have their own personal coloured unit.

How does it work?

Rather simply! If you have a particular colour in mind, or a sample of one that can be provided, we will match this and apply to your DNA-50 during it's manufacture. The contents of the amplifier will be exactly the same as the standard, but yours will have a colour that you have chosen to match with a certain room, furniture or just a personal favourite.

The Cost

This opportunity is available for an additional £250.00.

DNA-50 (Vinyl) + Colour selection £3200.00
DNA-50 (Media) + Colour selection £2750.00