Onix Audio History

We own and made the name ONIX; we didn't need to steal it.

Below is why this is fact ...

  • The first ONIX AUDIO product was produced in 1984. The partnership included Adam Worsfold, Tony Brady and Craig Hill.
  • The trade mark ONIX was registered in 1988 by Adam Worsfold in his personal name, three years after he became the sole owner of ONIX AUDIO.
  • In 1990, Adam Worsfold T/A ONIX AUDIO, became Onix Electronics Limited, thereby ending the Onix Audio era.
  • In 1991, the brand ONIX remained the property of Adam Worsfold after the sale of ONIX AUDIO to Onix Electronics Ltd. It was not part of the transfer of trading activities to Onix Electronics Ltd.
  • In 1995 the registered trade mark ONIX in the UK was still the property of Adam Worsfold and has never been assigned. However a recording of assignment to Onix Electronics Ltd (dissolved 1997) was incorrectly registered due to an old address being held for AW that was used to notify Adam Worsfold of the change. This assignment was not authorised by Adam Worsfold.
  • In 2011 Adam Worsfold filed for rectification of the register due to incorrect recording of the information. This action is still being processed by the trade mark office in the UK and can be seen in their case history as a matter of fact.
  • In 2011, Onix Electronics Ltd (incorporated in the UK in 2010) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ONIX DNA Ltd.

Pirates and Trade mark Theft ( www.onix-hifi.com )

Product that will never be confused with ours is being sold with a trade mark ONIX, which we own in the EU. It is badged Chinese product. It has no connection with the original company or any of its original founders. It does not follow any ONIX ethics and it is clearly being made to confuse the buying public. Their products have been unable to make their own mark on the industry, as they are made in China by a company that produces for mass-market companies.

Pacetech, an Italian owned company, controlled by Mr Franchesco Pace, trading as an agent for ONIX HIFI (Chinese product) have been issued with cease and desist orders to cease trading with the brand ONIX which is being sold within the EU. The products are being produced and sold by Shanling Digital Technologies Ltd., in Shenzen China.

Onix DNA has done everything viable to conclude the illegal use of our trade mark both by negotiation and litigation, but due to the renegade attitude and a lack of concern for customers and reputation alike, no addresses or official contact details are available to us or the buying public so we have been unable to stop these pirates from trying to sell these inferior goods to date. We are, however, continuing to alert the media and trade alike.

After a failed attempt to register a similar trade mark in the EU (namely ONIX ELECTRONICS) we have received an order for costs against Shanling Digital Technology in China. We have successfully opposed the attempts they have made to register this name. We have been able to uphold our legal rights to the trade mark ONIX. This attempt by Shanling to register this trade mark confirms the delusional belief that such an action might assist in the sale of their Chinese products.


We, ONIX DNA, know that anyone buying our products do so for reasons of prestige and quality. They do so because of the knowledge that we have of our products and customers, along with the integrity of design and our service and support. Any customer of ours is welcome to Email the CEO, Mr Adam W, or visit our new facility in Hamble, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

Anyone buying our products will never buy from these pirates in any event, as our customers know what they are buying. After all, a Ford adorned with a Rolls Royce badge does not make it in to a prestige quality car. Due to this, for both commercial and logical reasons, natural selection will eradicate these imposters and we will continue with our business; making product people cherish and love to own.



Onix Trade Mark