The Head Honcho..

A company must have someone with passion that will take the company and its people to the place it needs to be and deliver results for everyone; the customers, the staff, and the company. They must stand up for what is right and fight hostility every day, either from competitors or just from pointless attack . People make the world , but a leader must know they destroy it too , the balance is hard to find. It must however be found, and that what makes a leader .


Adam Worsfold put ONIX AUDIO into the history books. He remains our principal designer (electronics runs through his veins, so he may not be human) and he lives music and quality of it no matter what form it takes , people , products or just personality .. He loves perfection and works every day to find it.

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Why he is our CEO:

  • Adam built the brand, ONIX AUDIO, when he was only 21 years old.(the ONIX OA21 now there is a clue) ONIX is known and was sold in over 28 countries.
  • Everything made by ONIX is still designed by ONIX, and he makes that happen.
  • Adam lives music and reproduction of it,and has done so since he was 4 years old, when he got his first record player. Made by Marx Toys in the UK
  • He is frequently criticized for his direct manner , but he has pure tenacity in standing behind it. He does not condone stupidity from lack of understanding .
  • He hates the general degrade of standards in all walks of life, and the relentless pursuit of cost cutting across the planet. .He cannot abide the theft of our time by corporations and their lack of respect for our lives, and the dumbing down of the population by taking away individual thought process under the false pretense of progress for all.
  • He loves people that overcome anything by sheer desire to do so, and respects all success no matter how its measured or in what. He is driven by positivity of others and despises negative defeat from anyone. He hates banks and what they represent in society, in particular how they sell themselves to the ill informed for what they are not .

What is his driving force?

  • Adam drives the company with ideals many struggle to comprehend or understand. He works relentlessly for its gain .
  • All companies are built by people, everyone must enjoy each day at work, and customers feel the culture of a company in its products. A company exists to benefit everyone , customers, staff , and the planet.

ONIX DNA , is the successor to ONIX AUDIO and its classic ONIX OA21 Amplifier

...........Adam listening to music