Develop it, make it, perfect it , Name it the DNA 50

Accountants live to cut cost , lucky for you we don't listen to them


We chose

Most choose

Our reason

Case Solid aluminium Steel Sound & Quality
Country of Origin UK Asia/China Integrity
Design 100% UK Who really knows Integrity
Finish Hard anodising Soft anodising Durability
Manufacturing UK China/Asia/Cost Longevity/Consistency
Selling/Use/Promotion Music/Sound Spec sheet Ears
Component selection Every component Cost/Profit Longevity/Ears
Suppliers UK Cheapest/Cost Consistency/Longevity/Ears
Specification change without notice Not required Uncontrollable Integrity
End result Longevity Bank balance Ability
Customers Respect Exploitation Ability/Longevity
You to us Constructive feedback & loyalty Find new customers Integrity
Result A better product Short term profit Internal ability