Our brand ONIX is constantly used by others rarely with our permission


Our established/owned and earned brand rights

We have the right to be proud of what we make, and to protect the consumers recognition of what we make. We will defend our name if others use it to sell their products. It takes years to build a representation and we intend to protect it, with what we make and by people recognizing our name. No copied product is as good as an original in any way , NOT ONE ..ZERO

Brand theft and innovation theft is theft from EVERYONE !!!

China has built its entire economy by exploitation of 1.3 billion of its own citizens and their willingness to work long hours for low pay. Some Chinese companies thrive by stealing trademarks and brand rights along with designs that have cost other companies millions to create in both research and development, and own brand awareness.

This Chinese show no respect for legal rights this leads to a degrade of future developments of everything in our lives. Innovative companies increasingly have an inability to recoup R & D for innovation and progress, and increasingly rely on brand marketing to make money. In turn this leads to more brand theft and less progress of innovation, all because the Chinese keep stealing what companies invest in. Intellectual Property rights are for protection of you the consumer .. Stop supporting this Chinese cheating and deception and endemic business ethic, and stop supporting its increasing effect on all of us and our lives .Think of your kids future when you buy copied Chinese junk .Think of our planet and think of the poor Chinese worker living like a slave .


Our Stance

Major brands have exploited China and its cheap labour without passing benefits onto their consumers, they are largely to blame . However China itself has played a major role in the downgrade of quality, innovation and standards that every living individual on the planet expects. We deplore exploitation of any work force, counterfeiting and daily consumer deception that China undertakes is pure deception to everyone . Our products are designed by us and we actively protect our intellectual property rights ( what we created and design ) for you and us alike. Everyone should stop accepting Chinese deception for personal financial gain. We will ALL pay in the end and all of us will suffer as a result.