ONIX HIFI History. Day 1,1984, Brighton, England.

In 1984 ONIX AUDIO opened its first bank account, establishing the brand. Adam Worsfold, Tony Brady and Craig Hill made the first units as ONIX above a shoe shop in Brighton, UK. At the time they were all in their early twenties. Craig Hill, along with his father Arthur, sold the first units through his shop in Brighton, while Tony and Adam built them. Shortly afterwards, Adam went on to became the sole owner of ONIX AUDIO, achieving status of HI-FI/AUDIO perfection in 28 countries by 1991. The creation of a name ONIX for great British amplifiers was born

Times have changed... so has what you buy

Streaming HI FI systems, iPod's, MP3 music players, multi-room video installations, wireless audio systems, and a faster lifestyle have changed the way we listen to music. Like or not its here to stay, however continually listening to just 20% ( MP3 ) of the music or sound recorded because of the format is not good enough for us at ONIX GB, and was not good enough at ONIX AUDIO, and we know It's not good enough for you either, and nor should it be. If you like music why don't you want to hear all of the content ? Fact is you don't know whats missing, isn't it time you found out ?

Where we fit in

ONIX AUDIO reproduce and always has as much of the recorded content as possible. every single part is chosen for what it sounds like above all else Reliving and rediscovering music is even more rewarding now, as so many have forgotten what good sound is . It's what we do to make it happen that counts, it takes skill and knowledge, sadly two things most of the audio world lost in years gone by.